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Modulator Bias Controllers

Pharad's Dither-Free Modulator Bias Controllers are compact circuit boards for OEM applications that provide precise and highly stable bias voltage control of optical modulators. They operate with modulators having both periodic and non-periodic transfer functions. As the bias point of the modulator drifts over time, the Modulator Bias Controller automatically adjusts the bias voltage to maintain its set point.

Pharad's Modulator Bias Controllers feature non-dither based control of the modulator bias voltage, ensuring unwanted dither tones do not impact link performance. The Pharad Modulator Bias Controllers are continuously tunable; users can select any desired modulator bias voltage, in addition to the more conventional quadrature bias point of the modulator's transfer characteristic.

Direct Mount Dither-Free Modulator Bias Controller

Ultra-Compact Dither-Free Modulator Bias Controller

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